people together

Aggression is present in all of us everyday life. You can see it at on every corner of the street, in social human behavior, in television, movies, history. Somehow, to be violent it is embedded in our nature. In time, we lived and evolved in a world full of violence, in a savage habitat where violence is the dominant characteristic: The gazelle is eating quietly some vegetation and the lion is hunting it to eat it to the dinner.

There is part in the human brain responsible for the aggressive behavior: the small brain which comes directly from the ancestral evolution. At the beginning, the brain was small and in time added new layers, the superior layers of the brain. The basic layers remained in its centre and are associated with the primitive instincts like: reproduction, defense, survival , eating. This is the place where the aggression behavior lies also. These instincts are literally written in the very basic structure of the brain and you can’t ignore them. They are written deep inside you. When someone is attacking you, your first reaction is to defend yourself against the attacker. This is the behavior you’ll have.

When we speak of these basic instincts the conscious mind is far away. In such a moment, you can’t have consciousness because you are living at a primarily level (defense). This is not existence where you are, this is survival.

Humanity has never been completely at a higher level of existence, only parts of it. Some developed nations have a wealth status although, and consequently, their people gained a higher state of consciousness. They don’t need no more to gain their existence by using the primordial instincts because they have all they need to survive and even more.

But in the developing countries like the most countries of Africa, the situation is very problematic. There are people which die because of starvation. Consciousness here does not have its place and the control is taken completely by the primary instincts of survival. Talking about ethics and morality here is a nonsense. Life itself is not moral for those people living at the limits of survival. They can do actions which are helping them to maintain their lives, no matter what these actions could be. Men, which are at the limits of survival are capable to do things for which they can’t be completely blamed.

There is emigration, ethnic conflicts, there is steeling, even killing,. Situated at the lower limit of their lives, primary instincts are fully present. Poverty is one of the main sources of all problems in our world. People from poor countries are committing actions against the people from developed countries. Terrorism is the answer that poor people are giving to the other people who live in good conditions. The acts of terrorism have appeared because of their hate for richer people and societies and also because those people, at some point, took advantage from the poor people.

There is no action without a reaction. This is a universal principle and it applies also in this case. Exploiting the poor people and taking advantage from them has a long but sure response. They will surely one day come against you and try to knock you out. They hate you and they’ll do anything to see you down. Because the wealth nations and citizens are well defended militarily, the organizations which are represented by the  interests of poor people have found a new way to react : the terrorism. The terrorism does not require extensive funds of money and people with these convictions are trained to do everything against the richer people. That is why these days we are living these threats.

We must help the developing countries to rich a standard of life which is better that it is now. We are not isolated ones from the others on this planet anymore, even if we are living in different places, cultures, habits and mentalities. The global communications and the globalization process moves us much more closer and the interactions are made in lots of ways. If we help a little the unlucky to attain a certain level of prosperity, we will contribute also to our stability because they will not be situated at the survival state where primary instincts are situated.

Morality, ethics and consciousness reside at a higher level of existence where all the people from this world must be. But to accomplish this, major differences between people must be passed. It’s not about communism and living all the same life, having the same culture. Globalization does not means that we all need to be the same. It’s about having common ideas about life, having the same purposes and to share the same space where we live: the Earth. We must acknowledge all of us that everything we do has a consequence even if this is not immediately seen. For this, a level of understanding and comprehension is needed.

Life is a circle. You can be very rich but you can’t not enjoy life even if you have all the reasons. You can be poor and be happier. It’s an equilibrium. Life is taking your energy equally. If you have a lots of money and you don’t have the capacity to live free, you’ll be the slave of your money. Your entire energy will be taken by the money and you’ll not have the capacity to enjoy the most simple and beautiful things. Life is us and near you, peace is within us. Humanity must pass this obstacle that represents the surpassing of primary instincts and go further to another stage of evolution. This must be a dream, an ideal, but think that without a common ideal of the humanity, humans by themselves don’t have the power to move further into existence. A collaborative effort must be done by all of us.

There’re lots of things yet to be said. The entire world depends of us. Everyone of us must be aware of its own actions. Living quietly is not so difficult after all if you take things quietly. Having peace is the natural result of wealth of every human on this planet. And this is not be only a possibility, this must be a certainty.